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Grammatical signs and al.

The zero-subject (i.e. the empty set) is bound to \zero

There is a environment for typesetting grammatical rules: its name is gramrule. a word typed there appears in slanted font, and `~X ' writes X in transliteration (the space is mandatory).

The possib environment allows to type different cases, with an accolade in front of them. (\\ to part the cases)

The pile environment allows to write some text in a column.

Example of use:

 ~ir + \begin{possib}
        prospective ~sDm.f \\ 
        ~mrr.f \\ 
     + \pile{this is not\\ to \\ be taken seriously\\ }

Serge Rosmorduc
Tue Apr 11 14:51:55 MET DST 1995